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Why an Immigration Attorney?
In every U.S. Immigration case, everyone is entitled by law to be represented by or seek help from an immigration attorney of their choice.  However, the U.S. government generally will not pay for the cost of the attorney's counsel.

Why should anyone hire an immigration attorney?  An immigration attorney can generally assist his or her client with any type of U.S. Immigration matter.  Many, if not most applicants for permanent Residence based on Family Immigration and Adjustment of Status as well as Corporations petitioning for H1-B or L-1 visas use an immigration attorney.

With hundreds of different types of immigration and visa cases and each case having its own technical eligibility requirements, it is often difficult for someone to choose which Immigration option, if any, is the best one to pursue.  With ever changing rules and regulations, processing times which seem to take forever, an immigration attorney can often provide counsel, guidance and advice in choosing the best way to proceed.




Every state in the U.S. has its own Bar Association and every practicing attorney must be a member of a State Bar Association.  Once you have decided on an attorney you should contact the State Bar Association of which he or she is a member of and inquire as to if the attorney is in good standing.

Don't be fooled by paralegals or "Immigration Services" who may hold themselves out as attorneys but merely fill out forms offering no professional guidance or counsel.  Only attorneys licensed in the U.S. may give legal advice and represent his or her client before a court in the United States.



Our firm provides legal counsel in all areas of Immigration Law including H1-B1 and L-1 visas, investor visas, family immigration, naturalization, asylum issues, and visas for medical professionals, religious workers, athletes, performers and individuals of exceptional abilities, and NACARA.

We also provide assistance with the yearly green card lottery, with application available through our firm.

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