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undergrad student? make a short list – Visa USA Expert
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undergrad student? make a short list – Visa USA Expert
Undergrad student? make a short list of your top 10 schools.

undergrad student? make a short list - Visa USA Expert

Are you an undergrad student? Make a short list of your top schools to save you time and help you narrow your choices for a US education. This is the most effective way of helping you once you have completed researching and now you need to narrow your school choices.Making a Short List of Top SchoolsHow many institutions should you consider?Here is some advice from my experiences to help make your short list:√  If you have an idea of exactly which colleges or universities you will be applying to, visit the websites of only those institutions to learn more.√  You may choose to find information for 10 to 20 colleges or universities that meet your needs. Then narrow down your list once you have conducted additional research about each one.Keep in mind that due to the time, energy and money involved, most students only apply to between three and seven institutions. How do you find out more information about a particular institution so you can narrow your short list?√  Check out online college and university websites thoroughly. Many U.S. colleges and universities have their course catalogs online.√  Use local resources. Contact your nearest education adviser and ask for help with your search. An education adviser may also be able to put you in touch with alumni from your schools of interest.√  Do additional homework. Use social media and take virtual tours of US campuses to learn even more. If possible, visit the campus in person to get the best sense of the atmosphere and setting.√  Send an email. You should only contact admissions representatives directly to ask specific questions that are not addressed on the institution’s website.Tip: You should start looking at individual college or university websites approximately 12 months before you plan to enroll. And be sure to ask specific questions, and don’t ask anything that you can read on their website.  Go USA!– MikeAll information presented here is from my personal research and my attempts to save you time and money when pursuing your dream of coming to the USA to study. Do not take any of this information as LEGAL advice – I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. This information is gathered from a variety of sources including many U.S. Government websites and I urge you to validate this information as much as possible, just as I do when posting on this blog.