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Terms & Conditions

visausaexpert.com (name in the following with references “this website”, “we” and “our”). Our customers (you) are required to read Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Refund Policy stated. By using our website’s service, you accept or agree to the following terms.

About Us

This site delivers and represents an information about the USA Visa Waiver program and the Electronic Version (System) for Travel Authorization applications that are needed to travel in U.S.A for multitasking, various purposes. Website is operating by a private company, and it is not connected with any government agency or departments.All content provided on the website is only informational, and it is about legal topics which is different from legal advice that can be provided only by a lawyer. Information provided on the website can be used by the users at their own responsibility.

The information issues

All the information represented and determined on the website is based on the publicly available information which itself relies on the public available official information/documents. to be added below mentioned information is about legal terms and conditions that are different from the legal advice and authority. This information has been updating day to day to provide visitors with all the necessary and latest information based also on different daily experiences.

Legal issues

It should be noted that it is a private company and there is no objective reasoning to have ties with any of the government, embassy, consulate, IGO or NGO. When you are providing your application to us to be completed you must be sixteen or have the parental/guardian consent.

What we provide

This website acts like a mediator, the third party that is needed to review and check your application credibility, whether the information filled up in the application is complete or relevant to be approved when it will be reviewed by U.S government. Please also note that we do not provide any legal advice.

Our services include translation of the information presented and review of all answers to provide best result in processing your ESTA application. In case of some errors in customer’s application, we contact customer by email or a phone call to verify and confirm the information in question. After this your application is submitted to the ESTA. Our service has the same duration and the validity of Travel Authorization of the customer. This period is two years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first.

The price for our service is 78$ (USD) per application (that includes 14$ (USD) of government fee + our service 64$ USD fee) for Standard review. You can also order Express service that costs 104$ (USD) per application (includes 14$ (USD) of government fee + our service 90$ (USD) fee) to review your application in less than 2 hours without any queue.

Note that Only the U.S.A government has the authority to approve or deny an application for an ESTA. So we don’t have any decisional influence over the results of your ESTA application. We are not responsible for your denied application or if you are denied on boarding on a flight or vessel with destination to the United States.

Before applying on our website you will have the possibility to review the important data for your application and you also can make changes if necessary. In case if you will make a mistake on your application you must contact us immediately by email support@visausaexpert.com or from the page “contact us”. If your application was already submitted and approved by U.S government, and you found some mistakes, you will have 15 days from the moment of processing your Travel authorization (from the moment when we send email to you) to make a request to update data or correct a mistake without any additional cost, in the case that the error was made by the part of our company.

Delivery Policy

After the submission of the payment, the client will be served within 72 hours. Our service consists from two steps: fill of all fields requires on our application page and then order for Standard Service of 78$ (USD) per application (that includes 14$ (USD) of government fee + our service 64$ USD fee) or for Express Service of 104$ (USD) per application (includes 14$ (USD) of government fee + our service 90$ (USD) fee). After those steps we will deliver your product by email as soon as we will receive approval or deny from U.S. Customs. In case if we will need more information regarding your application, we will contact you within 24 hours. We also recommend you to whitelist our email address support@visausaexpert.com to ensure that our email will be delivered to you. Your credit card statement will read myesta442033188334.

Service of customer support

If you, after reading the Terms and Conditions, need additional information or you have questions about our refund policy, please feel free to "Contact us" (Hours: 24h from Monday to Sunday)

Change of Terms and conditions

We have a right to change our Terms and Conditions without a prior notice to improve security, legal reasons or to reflect updates to our services. Please note that before using our website, Terms and Conditions should be reviewed. Every change of Terms and conditions will be post on https://visausaexpert.com/terms-and-conditions with a proper date of change.

Our Company

Firm Name: IT Solution S.C.

Registration Date: 2006-03-15

Identification Number: 9521993072

Legal Owners: Michał Żuchniewski and Grzegorz Sowiński

Physical Address: Bystrzycka 28B, 04-934 Warszawa

Latest Update

Terms and Conditions were updated on : 2019-03-15

Legal Disclaimer: We are a private, Internet-based travel service provider dedicated to helping individuals eligible for the Visa Waiver Program receive their Electronic Travel Authorization to travel to the United States. We are not affiliated with the United States Customs and Border Protection, the United States Government, the United States Embassies, or any other United States government institution in any way. If you decide not to use our services, then you can apply for your ESTA directly using www.cbp.gov