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students studying abroad – Visa USA Expert
Students studying abroad in a report called open doors.

students studying abroad - Visa USA Expert

Students Studying AbroadRecently, I was reading a report about students studying abroad called Open Doors. It provides details on student studying abroad and how they flow into and out of the USA; where do they go and for how long.Although this website is designed d for international students coming to the USA for their studies, sometimes it’s helpful to know where students studying abroad, from the USA, are going when studying abroad for their education.Here are some interesting numbers about students studying abroad in this report:In 2011/2012, 283,332 US students studied abroad for academic credit. This is only 1/3 of the number of international students who came to the USA last year for their college education (about 850,000).Almost 10% of US undergraduates (Bachelor’s degree) studied abroad before graduating. This study could have been a semester in Europe to study art, or perhaps living in Brazil to study agriculture for six months.Like usual, Social Sciences and Business & Management top the list of popular fields of study for US students studying abroad. It’s interesting to see that only one of these is the most popular fields of study for international students coming here to the US; Business & Management and Engineering (not Social Sciences).The majority of USA students go abroad for short-term (summer or 8 weeks or less) and only 3% go abroad for long -erm; academic or calendar year. This is almost 180% different than international students who come to the USA for their entire college education, from 4 to 8, sometimes up to 8 years or more.The UK, Italy, Spain lead the way as destinations for 32% of US students studying abroad. For international students coming here, they come from: China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia…For more details on students studying abroad, see the infographic below:Go USA!– MikeAll information presented here is from my personal research and my attempts to save you time and money when pursuing your dream of coming to the USA to study. Do not take any of this information as LEGAL advice – I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. This information is gathered from a variety of sources including many U.S. Government websites and I urge you to validate this information as much as possible, just as I do when posting on this blog.