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New Form I-9 on Hold | Visa USA Expert
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New Form I-9 on Hold

New Form I-9 on Hold August 27th, 2018 | Author: JC Admin | Filed under: Foreign workers, I-9, immigration law, USCIS | Tags: Foreign Workers, Form I-9, immigration law, Sponsoring foreign workers, USCIS | No Comments »According to a recent announcement by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (the “USCIS”) the new and revised Form I-9, which all newly hired employees must complete to verify their identity and work authorization, has not been released yet.As noted in a May 30, 2018 posting on this blog, USCIS published in late March a notice in the Federal Register inviting public comments on USCIS’s proposed revisions to the existing Form I-9.The key proposed revisions included:Expanded Form I-9 instructions and a new layout;New optional data fields for collecting information about employee e-mail addresses and telephone numbers;New data fields to collect the foreign passport number and country of issuance for workers who are aliens authorized to work in the U.S.USCIS has stated that it will provide updated information about the new form I-9 as it becomes available, instructing employers to continue using the current form for now, even though it has a stated expiration date of August 31, 2018.If you are an employer or employer’s representative in need of information or counseling concerning Form I-9 compliance, do not hesitate to contact our offices at (847) 564-0712 for an appointment to speak with a credentialed attorney. You can also check out our immigration law Website for more information about how we might assist you.