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Mexican Migration Patterns Shifting | Visa USA Expert
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Mexican Migration Patterns Shifting

Mexican Migration Patterns Shifting August 16th, 2018 family-based immigration, immigration law, State Department, USCIS | Tags: deportation, Immigration, immigration law, Immigration Policy | No Comments »The Immigration Policy Center (the "IPC) recently released some data on shifting Mexican immigration patterns that could affect public policy determinations regarding immigration.According to data cited by the IPC, fewer Mexican immigrants are coming to the U.S. over time, but fewer are leaving as well. Furthermore, a majority of the unauthorized population has been here for a decade or longer. These changes are significant to overall policy, in part because 59 percent of all unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. are from Mexico. The data was cited from a recent report by the Pew Hispanic Center and a recent survey by the RAND Corporation. According to the IPC, "these trends suggest that our immigration policies must transition away from the current efforts to drive out unauthorized immigrants [who now] have deep roots in this country." The IPC asserted that a "more nuanced set of policies" would help immigrants who are living here and contributing to the economy to more fully integrate into society for the benefit of all.If you are an individual seeking legal advice for you or your family so that you can live here legally, please do not hesitate to contact our offices for an appointment at (847)564-0712 and/or feel free to check out the pertinent portion of our Website for general information