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chinese students update – Visa USA Expert
chinese students update Chinese Visa Student? You need to read this update from the Beijing, China Embassy:

chinese students update - Visa USA Expert

对所有中国签证的学生朋友您好 !Chinese Students Update from Visa USA Expert – Are You a Chinese Visa Student? You need to read this update from Beijing:“Embassy Urges Students and Exchange Visitors to Interview for Their US Visas Two Months Before Their College Program Starts”According to the Beijing, China embassy: An Interview is required for all first-time student applicants who want to come to the US for their studies, even if the applicant is under 14 years of age. They are insisting that all students schedule and perform their Interview for Your U.S. Student Visa Two Months Before Your Program Starts!Interest in Studying in US is IncreasingInterest in studying in the United States continues to grow and record numbers of students are applying for visas. Student and exchange visitor visas can take up to two months to process.The majority of student and exchange visitor visas are processed within a few days; however, some visa applications require additional administrative processing. Administrative processing for student and exchange visitor visas is currently taking 3-4 weeks to complete.Interest in studying in the United States continues to grow and record numbers of students are applying for visas. Summer is our busiest season. This spring it is more important than ever to apply early.They are strongly encouraging students and exchange visitors who have been accepted by a U.S. college or university to contact the Visa Information Call Center immediately at 4008-872-333 (calling within China) or (86-21) 3881-4611 (either calling from China or from overseas) to book an appointment on a first-come, first-served basis.All of the information and forms needed to apply for a visa are available for free at the U.S. Embassy website here.What if You Don’t Have an Appointment?Students and exchange visitors who do not have an appointment before their program start date should send an email [email protected] requesting an earlier interview appointment. There is no fee for requesting an expedited appointment.For instructions and further details on applying for an expedited appointment, see below: NOTICE:Students and Exchange Visitors Can Now Make Appointments at Erban – No.2 Xiu Shui East RoadStudents and Exchange Visitors: When scheduling your appointment, please be sure to check the Erban calendar for additional appointment availability.We currently offer student and exchange visitor visa interviews at both the Embassy and Erban locations. General Chinese Visa InfoU.S. immigration law provides two nonimmigrant visa categories for study in the United States. The “F” visa is for academic studies, and the “M” visa is for nonacademic or vocational studies. In order to obtain a student visa, you must first apply to and be accepted at a school in the U.S. Once you have been accepted, the school will forward you a form called the I-20 or I-20M. You must present this form in order to get a visa.An applicant for a student visa to the US must first demonstrate that s/he is a bona-fide student qualified to pursue a full course of study. The applicant must also demonstrate that s/he is seeking to enter the U.S. temporarily and solely for the purpose of pursuing such a course of study at an established academic institution. Lastly, the applicant must demonstrate their ability to pay for tuition and living expenses for the course of their studies.Are you prepared for your interview? If not, you NEED my latest eBook on preparing and passing your F-1 Student Visa Interview. Why Risk It?? (Click on the cool BMX guy below to get yours NOW!)Go USA!– Mike感谢您阅读我的博客-我的电子书可以帮助你通过你的面试 !All information presented here is from my personal research and my attempts to save you time and money when pursuing your dream of coming to the USA to study. Do not take any of this information as LEGAL advice – I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. This information is gathered from a variety of sources including many U.S. Government websites and I urge you to validate this information as much as possible, just as I do when posting on this blog.