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chinese students in usa – Visa USA Expert
chinese students in usa are increasing to the highest numbers on record here in the united states and they are experiencing culture shock too

chinese students in usa - Visa USA Expert

Indian Students Are Not Welcome in UKRecently, the India Times reported numbers that indicate Indian students are not welcome in the UK.  The number of overseas students going to study in Britain from Commonwealth countries like India and Pakistan has dwindled from one lakh to 35,000 in the past three years.That’s a 65% drop in student population from India and  others who dreamed of attending college in the UK, got accepted, applied and were awarded their student visa. Fortunately, the USA and Australia are much more friendly and receptive and we are here to catch these optimistic and capable students.The student visa process is becoming even more complex and difficult to navigate in the UK. From our perspective here at GoUSAVisaCenter, this drop in international students to the UK is great news. We have reported on the unfriendly attitudes towards international students by Britain in the past, and there is nothing we have seen to indicate the UK is becoming any friendlier and open to international students who need a visa and can pay for their college education abroad.The official report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) indicates a steep decline in students from India and other Commonwealth countries opting other international destinations for studies. However, the report does not go into details on why these numbers are dropping and what the reaction is from Britain.Here are our thoughts at GoUSAVisaCenter:Why Indian Students Don’t Pick BritainPress coverage about British attitudes to international students has been damning in India, but universities in Britain agree that Indian students have been particularly turned off by the tough new rules on post-study work visas desired by students after graduation.Many Indian students take out loans in India and value the chance to work afterwards to pay these back and get critical work experience in their degree fields. Although there are still special visas available, the path is much less clear and the numbers show most Indian students are forced to return home directly after graduating.These negative and damning changes are driven by a UK government target to reduce net migration from 183,000 to the tens of thousands by 2015. The problem is obvious – international students are counted as migrants. These barriers do not stand in the way in the USA or Australia, where we are stepping up efforts to recruit globally, especially Indian students.Problems confronting Indian students headed to the UK include the difficulty in obtaining visas in this new immigration climate; meaning that students who had accepted UK slots are not materializing so hundreds of fewer students than expected are showing up to attend due to visa issues.Research shows it’s so bad in the UK that lots of overseas students are afraid to leave the country over Christmas and the New Year. Many don’t have their passports because they are still with the UK Border Agency even after months of review so they don’t want to risk leaving even if for a short period.This wall of unfriendliness from the UK is the result of government attitudes and new regulations that make it more difficult to get into the UK, leave for even a short period of time, and the realization that a graduating student will be forced to leave directly upon finishing their studies instead of enjoying their first job and getting more education on the job.What’s Britain’s Problem?University bodies in the UK and critics of the country’s immigration policies have been warning the UK government that their tightening and toughening visa policies are driving overseas students to other countries such as the USA and Australia. And these students pay much higher fees than in-country students as well as must prove their family/sponsors can pay for their student��s education for the entire four years. This is what we call guaranteed money to a college.Most recently, a House of Lords committee accused the government of creating an unwelcoming atmosphere for international students from countries like India and this trend is beginning to culminate in lower numbers we are seeing now.Everybody seems to agree that both India and China are important markets for UK universities seeking to attract international students, but these students are getting the cold shoulder and heading elsewhere, much to the chagrin of the education field here in the USA.Even though some people are realizing the rules around student immigration are too complex and subject to endless change, the costs for a student visa are not competitive, and the rules relating to working after graduating are so limiting that prospective students are heading to other countries instead of the UK, Britain seems to be clearly not listening and perhaps they simply don’t care?The official figures also show a rise in the arrival of EU citizens to the UK in the year to December, 2013. The report found that 201,000 EU citizens came into the UK as long-term immigrants. This is a statistically significant increase of 43,000 over the previous year.Perhaps the UK government is viewing these EU arrivals as more valuable than international students from India and therefore are not giving Indian students the warm welcome they deserve?As an international student, what do you think about attending college in the UK, versus another country like the USA?GoUSA!-MikeAll information presented here is from my personal research and my attempts to save you time and money when pursuing your dream of coming to the USA to study. Do not take any of this information as LEGAL advice – I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. This information is gathered from a variety of sources including many U.S. Government websites and I urge you to validate this information as much as possible, just as I do when posting on this blog.Share this:Google+ Mike WardLike this:Like Loading...