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Best sites for international students – gousavisacenter
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Best sites for international students – gousavisacenter
Best sites for international students selecting a college and degree program, applying to college and test prep, applying for student visa and preparing

Best sites for international students - gousavisacenter

Best Sites for International StudentsRecently, I had a chance to speak with a group of international students at my alma mater, University of South Florida, and I finished up with the best sites for international students. I began by taking a few minutes to run through the details on my new ebook, F-1 Student Visa Interview Package: The latest and most current guide for preparing and passing your F-1 Student Visa Interview… and how it can help all international students prepare and pass their student visa interview.So many students don’t realize that last year 160,000 students were denied their student visa for a variety of reasons – even though they had been accepted into a college program, they could pay for their college, and they were ready to travel to the USA to start their classes! Don’t let this happen to you was my main advice.Then I ran through the information they needed to know about selecting a college and applying to a program, applying for a student visa and preparing for the interview, and traveling to the USA and starting classes and enjoying college life. I cover each of these topics on this site of course, but there are many resources out there and I believe in getting the best quality information from everywhere you can as you are working towards your goal of coming to the USA for college.After I spoke, they asked me to share some of my favorite website for international students. I figured everybody out there who visits GoUSAVisaCenter would find these helpful also, so I thought I would post these here. Excellent site for all international students:EducationUSAAnother excellent site supported by our Department of Homeland Security:Study in the StatesCheck out the study center and student travel center at this site:International StudentWhere to go when researching college and universities:Department of Education College Navigator – Provides detailed statistics on US collegesCollege search tools designed just for international students:College Board’s Big FutureCollege Confidential: international students university searchOther good search sites for international students:Princeton ReviewPeterson’sKaplanWhere to research scholarships/funding:EducationUSA – Provides a current list of the latest scholarships/fellowshipsSearchable databases of scholarships:IIE: Funding for US StudyInternational Education Financial AidWebsites with student exchange experiences:ExchangesConnectHappy Schools Blog (for Indian students)iStudent LifeUnicqGoUSA!– Mike